We are a nonprofit organization that partners with the best and bravest in Africa to advocate for free and fair elections and build inclusive democracies.


Over the past decade, democracy has been in steady retreat across much of Africa as political freedoms decline, attempts are made to stifle civil society, muzzle the press, dismantle democratic institutions, and restrictions on presidential term limits are lifted. Pro-reform leaders -- both inside government and those operating on the outside -- often lack the support and global connections that are required to address these problems and create lasting social change. Our team at Vanguard Africa addresses this void by partnering with the best and bravest pro-democracy leaders to help advance their visions of change.  We support and help connect visionary leaders with the resources, guidance and expert strategy needed to advance a reform agenda, and in turn, embolden a network of likeminded advocates who will advance good governance, free and fair elections and the consolidation of democracy across the continent. 

Our SolutionS

Vanguard Africa offers a holistic and broad spectrum of support to strengthen the capacity and impact of pro-democracy leaders. 

Among services we are able to provide include: 

  • Public Advocacy and International Media Support – Access to international media outlets and top journalists is crucial for pro-reform leaders, particularly those who operate in highly repressive environments. A sustained international spotlight on repressive countries and their leaders is often missing, allowing abusive regimes and their machinery of repression to thrive in the darkness. Our unmatched professional network will counteract these negative trends, leading to your increased influence and notoriety -- domestically, regionally and internationally -- while also positively impacting your fundraising efforts by opening up new channels of potential support. 
  • Access to Influential Leaders – Opening lines of communication and building trusted, long-term relationships with NGOs, civil society leaders and elected officials -- in Washington, DC and internationally -- will be vital for your success. We will open these critical channels and connect you with influential leaders to propel your reform agenda, your long-term vision and your plans to enact positive social change.
  • Research, Trainings and Surveys – We are highly skilled and positioned to organize polls and focus groups for pro-reform leaders to measure existing levels of support and potential weaknesses. Our experts are also available to provide tailored trainings on a range of issues, including public advocacy, effective use of social media, and how to develop and implement a political reform agenda. 

At Vanguard Africa, we are here to ensure your long-term success and impact. Due to our wide ranging expertise, extensive professional networks and unique backgrounds, we can provide a range of additional services that are tailor-made to fit your specific needs. We are here to assist you, from coalition building and social education efforts to direct on-the-ground support.

 Photo:  Flickr/Kabwe

Photo: Flickr/Kabwe


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